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Ian Hollingworth, Richard Norriss and Andy Wyatt make keynote presentations as aviation experts for industry and the media worldwide. They include 'How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines'.

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Cassandra Flight Training

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so".


(Douglas Adams, "Last Chance to See")

Visionary Aviation Training

The Cassandra suite of programmes is aimed at any individual or group that wishes to enhance effectiveness in safety of operation or performance.

Training Expertise

Our trainers are all experienced aircrew with a wealth of leadership and team skills and many years of training experience.

Bespoke Training

Our packages are tailored to your exact needs so that you make efficient use of your resources.

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Safety Culture

Human Factors training, in the guise of Crew Resource Management training, has long been de rigeur for civilian flight deck crews on civil airliners. However, the importance of understanding how people behave in high-pressure safety critical situations, and how to reduce errors and improve human performance, is beginning to impact upon many other types of operation. These include medical/surgical teams (see below), Formula One racing teams, deep-sea diving operations and many, more routine, businesses.

Health Care Training

A photo of surgeons in an operating theatre

Cassandra Flight Training is at the forefront of the development and application of Team Resource Management and Human Factors based training programmes in the healthcare industry.

Case Studies

Some of the pivotal events that created a Safety Culture within the airline industry:

  • Eastern Airlines EAL401
    • Location: The Everglades, Miami, Florida
    • Time/Date: 2342 EST, 29 December 1972
    • Aircraft Type: Lockheed L-1011
    • Keywords: automation, workload management, situational awareness
  • KLM 4805 and Pan Am 1736
    • Location: Tenerife North
    • Time/Date: 1706LT, 27 March 1977
    • Aircraft Type: 2 Boeing 747
    • Keywords: communication, leadership, stress, time management
  • United Airlines UAL 173
    • Location: Portland, Oregon, USA
    • Time/Date: 1815 PST, 28 December, 1978
    • Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas DC8-61
    • Keywords: problem solving/decision making, leadership, team management
  • United Airlines UAL 232
    • Location: Sioux City, Iowa, USA
    • Time/Date: 1600 CST, 19 July 1989
    • Aircraft Type: McDonnell Douglas DC10-10
    • Keywords: CRM, human factors, loss of flight control


Ian, Richard and Andy have made keynote presentations as aviation experts for industry and the media worldwide.

Conference: Nuclear Professionalism - Improving behaviours; shaping the future

Training & Performance Improvement Vision:
Creating world leading nuclear professionals, equipping our people with the right knowledge, skills and behaviours to support a high performing business.

Nuclear Professionalism Conference Details

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Media Appearances

Media Appearances - How to Land a Boeing 777 without Any Engines

On 17th January 2008 Boeing Airways Flight 38 crash landed at London Heathrow Airport short of the runway. One minute away from landing, both of the planes engines suddenly failed. Accompanied by real footage of the accident Ian Hollingworth recreates the pilot's 'mayday' in a flight simulator. Taken from The Smithsonian Channnel's Terror in the Skies - 'Technical Meltdown'. More details on the Smithsonian website.

NB: if you have problems viewing this video you can watch it on You Tube here.

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