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Meet Cassandra Flight Training's team and read their Core Values

About Cassandra Flight Training

Discover our Core Values and meet our experienced aircrew with a wealth of leadership and team skills developed after many years of training experience.

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Cassandra Flight Training

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so".


(Douglas Adams, "Last Chance to See")

Visionary Aviation Training

The Cassandra suite of programmes is aimed at any individual or group that wishes to enhance effectiveness in safety of operation or performance.

Training Expertise

Our trainers are all experienced aircrew with a wealth of leadership and team skills and many years of training experience.

Bespoke Training

Our packages are tailored to your exact needs so that you make efficient use of your resources.

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About Us

Our Core Values

Cassandra’s Core Values define who we are and what we do.

Striving for Excellence
We strive for excellence in everything we say and do.

Focussing on the Client; their individual requirements and needs

Promoting Teamwork
We are engaged in a single collective business effort. This means that no one person is more important to the company than any other

Practicing Empowerment
We believe that trust and empowerment are ultimately efficient. We understand that once people are truly trusted, they discover new abilities of which they were previously unaware.

Being Proactive
We cannot wait for opportunities to come to us. We believe that the best way to ensure our success is to take the initiative and to create it ourselves.

Taking Responsibility
We believe in being fully accountable for our actions. The blame culture is dead; the ‘just’ culture is here to stay.

Acting Ethically and with Integrity
We will always conduct our business with the utmost integrity, regardless of the outcome. We will do the right thing simply because it is right.

Team Biographies

personel bio picIan Hollingworth

Ian was an RAF instructor and standards examiner on both jet trainers and the front line single seat fighter aircraft, the Lightning.

After leaving the RAF Ian joined British Airways, eventually achieving commands on both Boeing 737 and Boeing 747.

Since 2008, Ian has worked principally within Emirates Airline, BA and Boeing both in UAE and UK. He has had responsibilities for all genres of training on Boeing 777 and 787 notably Command training and Human Factors specialisms.

Ian consults to aviation commercial carriers and other safety and performance critical industries. He is one of the first UK trainer-trainers qualified on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and is an expert witness and guide to both BALPA (the UK pilots’ union) and to media worldwide.

Ian is a Physics graduate from The University of Liverpool and Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society.

personel bio picRichard Norriss

Captain Richard Norriss BSc, FRAeS, retired from Emirates Airline as Chief of Training in 2012 having governed the largest outsource program for Boeing 777 training seen anywhere, world-wide. From 2014-15 Richard served as Chief Training Captain, Boeing EMEA.

Richard previously trained in the Royal Air Force and flew fast jets, qualifying both as an instructor and examiner. Consequently, he flew for British Airways on B747 and B777 and is a current GCAA examiner.

His aviation experience, training pilots ranging from basic cadets to experienced examiners, is unparalleled and spans over 40 years.

Richard joined Cassandra as an associate in 2012 in order to add his considerable managerial, training and command training experience.

personel bio picAndy Wyatt

Andy is a highly experienced current pilot, manager and instructor having worked in military, civil and general aviation environments. He has been presented with The Queens Award for Valuable service in the Air.

He joined CFT in 2013 as an associate and draws on his team-working experience within The Red Arrows, to help clients deliver operational change through Cassandra’s bespoke development programmes.

He is a also a Professional Speaker and TV presenter (see; The P and R Agency, Fineghan Media and

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